• Distribution Law

There are many ways in which manufacturers or trade companies distribute their products or services in international trade. Companies may use their own employed sales personnel or sell it directly via the internet if the products are easy to trade.

In international trade especially in the industrial sector it is still necessary to use “distributors”. These distributors are usually independent companies or persons who acquire customers, pay their own expenses of business and buy the product for resale at a markup as a dealer or process orders which are placed directly with the manufacturer and earn a commission predicated on placed or completed orders as an agent.

The regulation of distribution has increased significantly in the past, in Germany as well as in the EU. We help our clients to face and handle the risks and seize the chances which come along with the increasing domestic, European and international regulation of the distribution of goods and services.

We advise our foreign clients on the drafting of contracts with German partners, in particular with regard to

  • commercial agency agreements
  • distributor agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • other forms of distribution.

We offer guidance to our clients and represent them in disputes with distribution partners in Germany, e.g. in connection with questions involving commissions or in the course of enforcing compensation claims.

We represent our clients in legal disputes before ordinary or arbitration courts in distribution law matters.

We advise in the event of conflicts within the distribution system.

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