• Intellectual Property & Antitrust

Intellectual property comprises industrial property rights and unfair competition law.

Industrial property rights

A clever and creative brain is one of the most valuable „resources” in a highly developed economy. For reaping the fruits of such creative intellectual work, they need to be protected. For only the thoughts should be free and not their specific manifestation in inventions, design, software, or in other forms of expression, in which creativity embodies itself.

The industrial property rights in Germany are regulated by a number of laws, including in particular the Patent Law, the Utility Model Law, the Semiconductor Protection Law, the Plant Variety Protection Act, the Trademark Law and the Design Law.

We focus our activities on the non-technical fields of intellectual property rights, in particular on trademark rights and industrial design rights. We offer our clients to establish and defend their rights in intellectual property and provide assistance in any legal questions relating to the exploitation of their accomplishments. One focus of our services in the scope of intellectual property is the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

Unfair Competition Law and Antitrust Law

The unfair competition law and the antitrust law (in particular the Act against Restraints of Competition – GWB, Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen and the European Rules on Competition in the TFEU) together constitute the competition law.

We advise our clients in both areas, in particular also within the framework of compliance.

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