• Transportation & Forwarding Law

The basis and backbone of worldwide trade is logistics: transports by ground, sea, air, rail, inland waterway and multimodal transport, storage, handling and packaging. The regulation of transportation and logistics in a long array of domestic and international laws and liability provisions governing every single mode of transport and other services separately poses complex challenges to the logistics industry as well as their customers.

The solution of problems in this legal environment requires knowledge, experience and cross-border thinking and acting. From the start we have been one of the few specialists in Germany in this field of law. We provide our international clients with effective guidance on all aspects of domestic and international transportation and logistics law relating to Germany.

In particular, we are engaged in the following areas:

  • Multimodal Transport Law
  • Air Transport Law
  • Road Transport Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Rail Transport Law
  • Inland Waterway Law
  • Heavy lift transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Logistics Law
  • Warehousing Law
  • Transport Insurance Law
  • Carriers Liability Insurance Law

We have established particular expertise in processing major complex and international transportation damages with many parties involved on behalf of transport insurers.

Moreover, we do complex litigation and arbitration in the area of transportation and forwarding law on behalf of our clients.

In addition, we offer our clients assistance in

  • contract drafting and negotiations
  • crises arising between shippers and logistics providers
  • enforcing or defending against compensation claims arising from transportation damages or breaches of contract.

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