Attacks on companies from inside and outside are commonplace. They occur in the dark, out of the public eye and initially go unnoticed by the owners. This leads to a highly distorted perception of the risk of such attacks.

Attackers may be leading employees who want to take advantage of a sudden succession situation, excessive trust on the part of the owners or a dispute between shareholders to take over the company or enrich themselves. Or such actions may come from fellow shareholders who want to force you out of the company. It could be fraudsters who place orders with fake companies and never pay, or huge cyber attacks that incapacitate even the largest companies. But it could also be “just” compliance violations, such as managers taking unacceptable risks in order to gain advantages for themselves.

Not only owner families are affected, but also investors, foundations or owners who have their center of life at a great distance from the company and can therefore only exercise limited control.

Are you affected by bribery, fraud, corruption, embezzlement, cyber attacks, industrial espionage, or serious compliance violations? Do you have the tools to fend off such attacks or minimize their consequences?

How can we support you in such a situation?

Our in-house crisis response and compliance experts and our highly specialized network of IT experts and forensic specialists, investigators, negotiation experts, managers and financial experts will assess the facts and support you in defending yourself against the attack – quickly, effectively, efficiently, and discreetly. We then advise you on setting up effective protection and control systems to identify and prevent future attacks at an early stage.

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+49 221 977657-0