Our Clients

We advise airlines, airports, aircraft dealers, aircraft owners, cargo handling companies and aviation insurers.


We advise foreign airlines on their business activities in Germany or within the EU, for example in questions of passenger rights, competition law, distribution law, in disputes with maintenance companies or ground handlers.

We advise aviation insurance companies on questions of coverage and on the conduct of and defense against recovery claims as well as in hull and liability claims.

What we were working on lately:

Advising an Arab airline on organizing the handling of claims relating to air passenger rights.

Advising a foreign aircraft owner in a dispute with a maintenance company about errors in the maintenance of a business aircraft having resulted in several months of grounding.

Advising a Russian airline in a dispute with a maintenance company regarding engine maintenance.

Handling of claims arising from the collision of two aircraft on behalf of a French aviation insurer.

A dispute between the owner of business aircraft and the management company arising from the aircraft management contract.

Our Services

In particular, we advise on

  • contracts for carriage by air of goods and passengers
  • contracts for the purchase or sale of aircraft
  • contracts for work and services in regard of the maintenance and repair of aircraft
  • contracts on the packaging or the handling of goods
  • distribution law in connection with the sale of aircraft and the distribution of transport services, in particular the agency law
  • the liability of the carrier and other companies or persons involved in the carriage of goods, baggage or persons
  • the liability of the other companies involved in aviation, such as airports, the ground handlers, cargo handling companies etc.
  • product liability issues
  • aviation insurance, in particular the aviation hull insurance and the aviation liability insurance
  • the competition law in connection with aviation.
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