Our Clients

From the start we have been advising and representing renowned international insurance companies from all over Europe and the Americas in the field of business law related insurance segments.

We designed our workflow with the objective to achieve the best possible outcome and to avoid effort on our client’s side as much as possible for all our clients regardless of their domicile. For us it makes no difference if we are working for a German or a foreign client in German, English, French, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Our approach is to meet the needs of our international clients by providing them with steady information on the risks, chances and costs of the matter, all steps that have to be taken and all steps that we actually take.

What we were working on lately:

Advising a French warehouse insurer on a major damage to commodities occurred during storage.

Out-of-court and judicial defense of product liability claims on behalf of Italian product liability insurers in Germany.

Assertion of transport insurance recovery claims of various foreign transport insurers from the USA and Europe against major German carriers.

Defense of foreign carriers in Germany on behalf of their freight forwarders liability insurers.

Our Services

In the field of cargo insurance our international clients insured cargo which is transported to or from Germany or by German carriers. In case of damage a recovery claim in Germany which could reduce the financial impact of the loss might be possible.

In the field of product liability we represent foreign insured companies on behalf of their insurers in claims raised against them in Germany before or out of court.

Particularly we are engaged in:

  • all legal questions regarding transport and liability insurances
  • the design and organization of international claims handling within the framework of international insurance programs of globally active companies
  • in the transport insurance recourse within the framework of national and international insurance programs, especially in the areas of plant engineering, sensitive goods (pharma, food, medical technology, automotive, steel and defense logistics)
  • carrier’s liability insurance
  • aviation hull insurance
  • aviation liability insurance
  • general liability insurance
  • product liability insurance
  • fidelity insurance
  • trade credit insurance
  • business interruption insurance
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