On-time and undamaged delivery of goods is of essential importance for all parties involved in trade. There are only a few factors of global trade that have such an impact on the economic success of the parties involved as unsuccessful logistics and transportation processes.

We know the risks and problems which may occur in the course of distributing products all over the world. We are certified specialists in the complex and challenging field of international logistics and transportation law.

We provide a range of services designed to match the scope of global transportation and logistics and to answer the needs of our clients wherever they may arise. We have long standing experience in handling thousands of transportation damages. We have successfully defended some of the top carriers and freight forwarders in major litigations and arbitrations. We have great experience in advising clients in dangerous crises between industry and trade companies and logistics service providers.

Our Clients

Since 1999 our attorneys have been advising leading foreign manufacturing and trade companies. We are representing some of the major logistics providers. We advise leading cargo and liability insurance companies on issues of cargo insurance and carriers and freight forwarders liability insurance and conduct recovery claims on their behalf.

What we were working on lately:

Advising a European 4PL provider in the negotiation of a contract for the outsourcing of logistics throughout Europe for a large North American industrial group.

Representing a logistics group in several ICC arbitration proceedings against an automobile manufacturer concerning claims for damages and remuneration.

Conducting worldwide recoveries in transport insurance on behalf of leading insurers in major damage claims.

Asserting claims for coverage and damages arising from the damage to and the loss and delayed delivery of a shipload of commodities on behalf of a major commodity dealer against the transport insurer and the charter company.

Our Services

We advise and represent manufacturing and trade companies as well as logistics service providers, freight forwarders and carriers with regard to

  • contract negotiation and drafting in Germany
  • legal aspects in connection with the establishment of logistics systems in Germany
  • current crises in complex contractual relationships between industrial and commercial enterprises and logistics providers
  • the design, organization and implementation of claims handling

On behalf of insurance companies we

  • conduct complex recovery claims and represent our clients in litigation and arbitration
  • defend insured freight forwarders, carriers or logistics service providers in arbitration and litigation
  • advise on issues of coverage, especially regarding international insurance programs.
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